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Q: I purchased the license and I've managed to install Vivvo software successfully, but when I try to access my administration area i get the following message: "Your License is Invalid"

"Invalid license" problem occurs if you're trying to use the license key on domain that is not assigned to the respective license key, or if IP/domain name to which the license key is locked changes. This can usually happen if you move the website to another web server (IP address changes as a result), or use the software on another domain. If this is the reason, you need to login to the client area, locate your license under Client Area Home -> View Your Licenses -> View and Download, and Reissue the license key, as show on image below:

Most possible reason for invalid license is typo (you provided inaccurate license key during installation). To remedy this - open the conf.php file located in Vivvo root and check if the license key is entered correctly during the installation process (for example Standard-1234567890), hence refresh the local key immediately afterwards.

In accord to the License Agreement, the license is perpetual, and you can not experience "Invalid License" error as a result of expired support/upgrade

Refreshing local license key

The license key for Vivvo software is stored locally, so your website does not ping Vivvo licensing server each time you try to login to administration. If there's been any change to license key, you'll need to refresh the local license key by entering the following in your browser: http://www.example.com/admin/index.php?force_reset=1 (make sure to put your actual domain instead of www.example.com).

Invalid license problem when behind Firewall/NAT

Another reason for invalid license is if your website is behind NAT. To recrify this, please reference this Knowledgebase article: https://www.vivvo.net/doc/knowledgebase/invalid-license-problem-when-behind-nat-firewall.html

If none of above works, please contact Vivvo Support for immediate assistance. 


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