Theme and Template Development Guidelines

This document contains a set of basic guidelines that should be followed when porting, updating or creating new templates to make sure that all templates offer the same set of features and functionality.

This article will not discuss anatomy or technical aspects of writing/designing a template set or theme, but only practical guidelines that must be followed if you wish to develop Vivvo Themes for your own use or for distribution.

Cross browser compatible

Full browser compliance is still sometimes a pipe dream, and we do not expect you to come up with pixel-perfect code across every platform. But do test in as many as you can. If your design doesn’t work in at least IE6+/Win and Mozilla (run by over 90% of the population), chances are we won’t accept it.

We ask that you submit original artwork. Please respect copyright laws. Please keep objectionable material to a minimum; tasteful nudity is acceptable, outright pornography will be rejected.


Mark-up Standards

Web Standards, accessibility and clean valid mark-up is a basic requirement to all Vivvo templates. For that reason, we sugest the following guidelines and requirements to all designed templates:

  • Hand-code all the mark-up and programming code
  • Comply to Web Standards by producing all templates in Transitional XHTML and CSS
  • XHTML and CSS is validated to comply to W3C standards using the industry standard validators: - Strict or Transitional XHTML

Color scheme

It's important to make sure everything is in harmony. Your header may be filled with color while the rest of the site may be less colorful. Titles, headings, and lists, all can be in color. And don't forget about the bullets on your lists - they are often colored, too. With so many color choices, finding a color scheme or theme can be a challenge.


Print styles

Nesto o print CSS-u I kako I na to mora da se obrati paznje blah blah

List styles

By default, most lists (and some list items) in Vivvo are identified by id or class attributes, making styling lists easy. With fairly simple changes to the style.css file, you can display the list horizontally instead of vertically, change the bullet or numbering style, remove the bullets altogether, or any combination of these. (

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