Vivvo Modules in General

Vivvo modules interact between VTE and Vivvo Object. Basic purpose of module is to:

  • Instance new template bases on parameters
  • Instance list object with search parameters
  • Load additional required resources
  • Provide necessary assignments to template engine

VTE parser calls on Vivvo site to auto load module with provided template and parameters.

Each module must be registered in Vivvo configuration storage before it can be used.

Default module/box parameters:

These are default VTE parameters for invoking a module.

Parameter name Value Description
template string Template filename and path relative to Vivvo root
template_string string string template
cache 0|1 Enable module output caching


<vte:load module="box_sections" id="{}" template_string="{template_string}" prefix="{prefix}" />

Default Modules

List of predefined modules available by default that cover all the standard needs. You can develop and register own module for any specific task at any point.

Additional outputs for Vivvo modules

Developing Custom Modules

You'd like to program Vivvo modules from the ground up or figure out what modules are actually doing behind the scenes? Then please refer to Developing Modules section.

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