Archived articles

Q: What's happening with my archived articles, how can I access them and search them from the front-end? ... Filed under: Miscellaneous

Images are not showing on my site

Q: My images are uploaded properly and permissions are set as described in user manual but they don't appear, just alt tag instead. It happens only when I change the language from English to other language. ... Filed under: Miscellaneous

Feed importer doesn't work

Q: I'm trying to add the feed to my site using Feed importer plug-in and when I click on the Save button I got the message that the feed is successfully added but it doesn't appear on the list. ... Filed under: Miscellaneous

"Copy failed." (5005)

Q: When I try to upload a file to my Vivvo website I get “Copy failed. (5005)” error. How to solve this? ... Filed under: Miscellaneous

How to include JavaScript/Iframe into the template file?

Q: When I add custom script code to templates, it doesn’t parse properly. ... Filed under: Miscellaneous

"Possible file attack. (5004)"

Q: When I try to upload a picture to my Vivvo site, I get "Possible file attack. (5004)" error. What should I do? ... Filed under: Miscellaneous

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