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Migration Services

Our team has completed many successful migrations to Vivvo CMS in the past, including those involving the websites based on Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Textpattern, as well as various other proprietary/commercial CMS systems.

Before making a decision to migrate all their online content to Vivvo, most of our clients want to know the answers to the questions such as: Why is Vivvo better than my current CMS solution? Can it serve pages faster? Hold more content? Help me manage my website more efficiently and with greater ease? Offer a broader range of features for me and my visitors? Secure better Search Engine positions?

To answer your questions and help you reach a decision regarding smooth migration to the Vivvo platform Spoonlabs is offering a migration consultancy service, focused on evaluating your needs and providing you with an estimate of the total cost of migration and ownership of your future Vivvo-powered website.

NO-COST MIGRATION REVIEW SESSIONS: Excellent way to ensure your existing website migration to Vivvo CMS will run smoothly and seamlessly. Conducted by Vivvo's senior product architects, Technical Review Sessions by conference call or web meeting are an excellent way to jump-start the evaluation process. Lasting 20-30 minutes, these dedicated sessions cover the most important aspects of migrating from your existing CMS to Vivvo - analyzing core technology, product feature set, and information architecture. They also allow you to bring up any specific questions or application requirements you may have.

  • Content migration: this is achieved by creating custom import filter to import your content (articles, categories, users, comments, etc.) into the Vivvo database.
  • Data migration: images, galleries, videos, pdf/doc and other files and assets on the file system need to be transferred and bound to their original pages or articles.
  • Design/layout migration: your existing website layout needs to be converted to fit Vivvo templates. During this process, we highly recommended a revamp (redesign) of your website.
  • URL migration: as your existing website is probably well-positioned on Search Engines, we will need to perform migration carefully to avoid loss of PR and appearance of 404 (not found) pages.

How to Start?

You may contact us to schedule a migration review session with our qualified senior engineers, or call directly on +381 11 3115020. We will be happy to provide you with one all-inclusive migration solution, which includes the price of the Vivvo license, all migration services as well as any website or template redesigns that may be needed.

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