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Vivvo Installation Service

If you already have hosting space for your website and want to get Vivvo CMS software installed there quickly by experienced professionals our installation service might be the right solution for you. Being performed by our senior engineers, the service guarantees that you will avoid technical problems at the very start. Our professional installation service covers the following:

  • One time professional installation of the software on your server
  • Testing of your server environment for compatibility with the software
  • New database setup
  • Vivvo CMS installation
  • Basic functionality testing

How to Order

The service can be ordered both along with a new Vivvo CMS license, or using your Client Area account. Also, you can order it separately for your existing Vivvo CMS installations.

How it works

After an order is placed our HelpDesk system posts a prompt message with some questions (see below). By answering those questions you provide us with access information for your server, thus a senior engineer can start installation procedures. If your server is not configured properly for Vivvo CMS, we shall will take all necessary steps to get Vivvo running smoothly (extra charges may be applied). Once the service is complete you will be sent a e-mail message with full access details to your newly installed Vivvo. Usually it takes up to one business day to fulfill the service if no difficulties occur. Please note that installation service is not performed on weekends, so if you place order on Friday most likely the service will be performed next Monday.

Unless specifically requested, all installations are done with the latest stable release of the product you purchase.

To proceed with the installation we need:

  • FTP (or SSH) access to your server (including your host or IP address, the username and the password)
  • Path where you want the software installed (root, sybdomain, or subfolder)
  • Access to your server control panel (cPanel, or similar) or database manager to setup a MySQL database

If your server doesn't meet our system requirements extra charges may be applied. Please see the list of advanced services below.

Services not included in Installation service

The installation will be done according to the software installation instructions which are included as part of the installation manual. Your server will need to meet the software requirements in order for the installation to be completed. This service does not include installation of the requirements necessary to run the software on your server. This service only covers as a per license basis and does not include installing or configuring any themes/templates, plug-ins, external styles, hacks, cron jobs or cPanel related work.

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