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Welcome to the Vivvo CMS Online Reference. Here you will find a general reference guide for using Vivvo CMS to install, configure, run and maintain your website.

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User Guides and Resources

As a general guideline, we suggest taking the following steps to get the most out of our technical support service:

  • Wondering how to tighten up Vivvo security a little bit more? Refer to the Security page.
  • Need an answer fast? Browse our Knowledge base for articles on a broad range of topics.
  • If you want to learn more on how to extend Vivvo beyond its default functionality, read our articles in How-To section, they are aimed towards power users and webmasters - you need not be a developer to grasp what's inside!
  • For taking advantage on free plug-ins, templates and widgets, check out the Vivvo Resource Center - your window to a variety of resources that showcase Vivvo’s features and enhancements.

Developer Documentation

Community Support

  • Our Support Forums allow users to exchange valuable information with other users and developers on general technical issues and product-specific topics.
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