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Ordering Product Extras (Support/Upgrade renewal or Installation service)

Q: I own a license and I want to renew my Maintenance package (Support and Upgrades), or to purchase extras like Installation service. Where can I do this from my Client Area? ... Filed under: Licensing

Feed importer doesn't work

Q: I'm trying to add the feed to my site using Feed importer plug-in and when I click on the Save button I got the message that the feed is successfully added but it doesn't appear on the list. ... Filed under: Miscellaneous

How to move Vivvo to another web server?

Q: I want to transfer my Vivvo CMS to another web host. What should I do? ... Filed under: Installation

Access denied to Download Center

Q: Why can't I download any plugin, widget, theme or anything else from Download Center? ... Filed under: Licensing

After I renamed /admin folder my admin panel is showing blank page

Q: I don't want my Vivvo admin panel to be on so I renamed Vivvo's admin folder but now I'm getting blank page when trying to open administration section in my browser. ... Filed under: Administration

Invalid License problem when behind NAT/Firewall

Q: I’ve installed Vivvo successfully, but I’m having trouble logging in to site administration - I keep getting "Invalid License" message. ... Filed under: Installation, Licensing

Empty backup

Q: I go to Admin -> Maintenance -> Create / Manage backup -> click on Create backup button and a backup is successfully created however the file is empty (0 MB) ... Filed under: Administration

ionCube PHP Loader error

Q: When I try to install Trial Version, I get the following error: "Site error: the file /path/to/vivvo/installer/index.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator. What should I do? ... Filed under: Installation

Upgrade from Standard to Professional package

Q: I have a Standard license and I have decided to upgrade to Professional package. How do I upgrade my Vivvo CMS? ... Filed under: Installation, Licensing

"Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated"

Q: After installation or upgrade I get following error on the top of the page: "Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated;..." ... Filed under: Installation

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