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Menu Builder

Menu Builder is menu generation plug-in that helps you create different custom navigations for your Vivvo website. ... Filed under: Navigation

Quiz / Trivia

This trivia/quiz plug-in allows you to easily make and manage online tests on your website. Create tests in minutes and let your visitors answer fun and challenging questions. ...

Feed Importer

This plug-in allows you to pull XML/RSS feeds from another (third party) websites into specific categories of your site. Highly efficient and fast solution for populating news sites with content. ...


Use this plug-in to add geographic position to your articles and show them on Google Maps. ... Filed under: 3rd Party


Plug-in that manages your web site's internal mailings. Send an email newsletter to inform subscribers about new releases or just keep in touch. ...


Poll plug-in allows you to quickly develop and publish user polls to your site as well as to analyze responses obtained from visitors. ...

WordPress Importer

WordPress importer is a tool for importing content from your WordPress blog to Vivvo CMS. ... Filed under: Importers and Bridges

Who's Online

This plug-in will output a box with a number of visiting guests and members, as well as their usernames. ...

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