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Language packs

For instructions on how to create own language pack and what set of rules to follow, please refer to this article. If you want to contribute with a langugage pack, please contact us.

LanguageVivvo versionContentsAuthor
Albanian 4.1 Front-end Tani
Arabic 4.0.2 Front-end Hala Aljurayed
Arabic 4.5 Front-end Hala Aljurayed
Bulgarian 4.0.2 Front-end S. Stanoev
Chinese Simplified 4.1 Front-end, administration, plug-ins Zhao Guanjia
Chinese Traditional 4.0.3 Front-end, administration Zhao Guanjia
Deutsch 4.0.1 Front-end, administration Coskun Tuna
Dutch 4.0.2 Front-end, administration Ruben
French 4.0.1 Front-end, administration Marc Di iorio
Greek 4.1 Front-end T. Karagiannis
Hungarian 4.0.2 Front-end Peter Toth
Italian 4.0.3 Front-end J. Jaukovic
Kurdish 4.1 Front-end S. Mohamed
Norwegian 4.1 Front-end, plug-ins Morten Bredal
Persian 4.0.3 Front-end H. Okhovvat
Persian 4.5 Front-end H. Okhovvat
Portuguese 4.0.3 Front-end M.Ferreira
Romanian 4.0.2 Front-end T. A. Farcas
Russian 4.0.3 Front-end A. Abaskin
Serbian Cyrillic 4.1 Front-end, administration Vivvo team
Serbian Latin 4.1 Front-end, administration Vivvo team
Slovenian 4.1.5 Front-end, administration Slavica Bostjancic
Slovenian 4.5 Front-end, administration Slavica Bostjancic Rakas
Spanish 4.0.2 Front-end, administration Ysalek/J.Monzal
Spanish 4.6 Front-end Johnny Gonzalez
Swedish 4.0.1 Front-end, administration Zeljko Spehar
Swedish 4.1.5 Front-end, administration Zeljko Spehar
Thai 4.5 Front-end Stitche
Turkish 4.1 Front-end Emin Cayla
Turkish 4.5 Front-end Emin Cayla
Vietnamese 4.0.3 Front-end Duc Ngo Quy
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