What is Vivvo

Features & Requirements

Content Publishing

  • Ability to publish Articles, Static Pages and Blogs
  • Ability to publish Image/Photo Galleries
  • Keeping revisions and auto-drafts of articles
  • Event Calendar
  • Custom workflow statuses: active, pending, archived, deleted
  • Different output formats for content: Web (xHTML), Mobile/PDA, Plain Text, RSS/Atom, JSON
  • Internal search engine for advanced searching of site content
  • Commenting system
  • Topics & Tags
  • Related articles
  • Article tools (email to a friend, print version, subscribe, etc.)
  • Social bookmarking syndication (Digg, Del.icio, and others)
  • WYSIWYG editor for adding content
  • Easy drag'n'drop customizable menu elements

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Search Engine Optimisation

  • 3 different formats of SE Friendly URLs
  • Fully SEO optimized templates
  • Custom META keywords/description tags
  • Automatic Google XML sitemap module
  • GoogleNews ready

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Users and Roles

  • Unlimited number of administrators and roles
  • 5 default roles: Admin, Editor, Trusted Writer, Writer, Member
  • Bridges to integrate users with most popular forum software like IPB or vBulletin
  • Ability to create custom roles, like Comment Moderator or Photo Editor
  • Ability to have users in multiple roles
  • Active/Inactive users
  • Workflow approval system

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Documents & Media Management

  • Robust DMS system for managing documents and assets
  • Ability to tag files
  • Full media streaming capabilities
  • All major video formats supported
  • Podcasting
  • Uploading documents and files (.doc, .pdf, .xls, etc.)
  • Image repository for multiple usage

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Templates and Design

  • Designer-friendly template engine (VTE)
  • 20+ free skins/templates to start with
  • 40+ individual page layouts to choose
  • W3C CSS 2 and xHTML compiliant templates
  • Individual templates for every section, page or even the smallest box
  • Fast learning curve for designers and integrators

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Plug-ins and Extensions

  • 100+ free plug-ins and widgets to start with
  • Easily extensible through a plug-in architecture
  • Helpers, Docs and Plugin Generator Wizard available to 3rd party developers

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Not sure if your server meets requirements?

Download Checklist

Click here to download the requirement checklist script, unzip and upload it to your web server. You'll see detailed report if your website meets the optimal requirements to run Vivvo.

Basic Requirements

For full requirement list, please refer to wiki documentation.

You must have a website (domain and hosting) in order to install the software. The software does not run on your PC, it runs on the actual computer ("web server") that hosts your web pages.

Apache Web Server
Although Vivvo can work on any web server supporting PHP and MySQL, it is highly recommended to have Apache web server installed on your server. For optimal performance, we also recommend VPS or Dedicated server.

Your web server must have PHP 5.0 or greater, with 5.2+ being highly recommended. Your network administrator can download the latest version of PHP from http://php.net. PHP is extremely common though, and installed on virtually every webserver on Earth.

MySQL 4+
Your web server must be setup to allow database access. MySQL 4.1 or later required. MySQL 5 is highly recommended.

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