What's New in Vivvo 4.5

Introducing new, more flexible licensing structure with Vivvo 4.5 release

After two years od planning and development, we're finally releasing Vivvo 4.5. The new version will bring not only new features, such as revisions or analytics integration, but also huge improvements in performance and scalability. Version 4.5 firmly establishes Vivvo CMS as a leader in news publishing content management software, and some of the recent projects built with Vivvo are a valid proof that Vivvo CMS belongs there.

The new licensing structure will take effect with Vivvo CMS 4.5 GOLD release in May/June 2010. If you need to purchase Vivvo CMS on current licensing/pricing terms, you can do it until then. For all additional info, please contact us at sales@vivvo.net or +381 11 3115020 (Intl.)


Most software vendors use licensing per user, per admin, per number of pages etc. It's great concept for the software vendor and his revenue, but from the customers' point of view, it is just plain BS. Our model was always focused more on the type of usage for small, medium and large websites. After several years, the time has came for us to shift one step up and discontinue basic, Standard license for the benefit of new one - Business.

The new edition in vivvo is BUSINESS edition, and it will cost $395 USD.

Standard license will be discontinued, and all licensees will get free upgrade to Professional edition!

The new edition (license) that we're introducing in Vivvo family is BUSINESS, specifically designed to caters to every need of a growing online business. The edition is an ideal choice for medium-sized news and media portals. We introduced this edition for customers who have overgrown Professional license, and need more from their website.

Server Licensing

For the first time, Vivvo is introducing a real server-based license. Developer license will now be a server license, meaning that you will be able to deploy unlimited number of websites, but on a single server. Instead of separate license for each site, all sites will be able to operate under single license key that will be bind to IP address of particular server.

New Developer license terms and restrictions apply to future licensees only. For all customers who purchased Developer in past (or purchase until new licensing structure take effect), Terms under which they purchased will apply. In other words, if you're already a Developer license holder, this will not affect you.

Basic difference in new License Terms

The summary of changes to our License Agreement is quite short. One thing you'll love is that everyone will have the right to remove "Powered by Vivvo" (previously restricted for Standard license owners). Second, Real White-label bundle will be now sold separately and consist of several things: re-branded site administration, personalized RSS feeds in admin and "invalid license" URL. Finally - commercial plugins will no longer be free for Developer license holders. All future commercial plugins will be sold separately.

Have actually prices went up?

Yes and no. Developer license is definitely a bit more restrictive, while entry level license went from $195 to $295. However, there are more than understandable reasons behind that.

  • We keep improving the product and services around it. Version 4.5 brings many improvements in functionality and also in scalability.
  • There's no other PHP-based CMS solution on the market that would provide same functionality and technical support at this price level. Some commercial solutions even charge licenses per number of admin users (?!). The current Vivvo CMS prices are actually lower than commercial editions or annual technical support for some open source content management systems.
  • We are going to hire more developers so that we are able to keep up with large number of requirements for additional features and improvements we are getting from our clients.

In short, we want to keep improving our product and support which comes with price.

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