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Disqus comments

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Disqus comments

This plugin uses the Disqus comment system to enhance comments on your website. Disqus makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community.


Plugin version:
1.0 Beta

Vivvo version:

Disqus® plug-in provides you with full Disqus® integration, allowing Disqus® to fully take control over Vivvo comments.

Through this integration you also gain access to other interesting features Disqus® offers, such as:

  • Connect Your Conversations
  • Say Hello to Millions of Commenters
  • Experience Real-time Discussions
  • Spread the Chatter
  • The Very Best Tools
  • Know Your Audience

While installing Disqus into most web sites is not hard, this is even easier solution to integrating it with Vivvo CMS.




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