Vivvo CMS Developer Documentation and Guide

The developer manual provides guidance on general coding, creating custom features and making modifications and other issues of importance to those involved with Vivvo CMS development and deployment of custom websites. It is mandatory (and helpful!) reading for anyone who wants to grasp the power of VTE and work outside the boundaries of out-of-the-box Vivvo installation and implementation of How-Tos and other ready-made resources.

Please note that this document is constantly evolving. This copy represents the state at the release of version 4.5 

Make a contribution

We would like to invite you to participate in this effort, so as to cover the needs of the community and to bring in the community's experience. Please let us know what you would expect from the Developer's Guide, what might be missing in the current version, which use cases the guide should cover and which extensions you can think of.

Give us your feedback if you want to contribute an article, sample code or if you find bugs in the guide by writing to, or opening a issue on our Support Forum.

Developer Resources

Vivvo Framework

Reference manuals on Vivvo Framework including most important part of it - Modules, Objects , URL Handlers and Actions and Services.

VTE and Templates

Reference manuals on VTE (Vivvo Template Engine), Vivvo Templates and Cascading Style Sheets.

If you're a designer interested in theme/template set development, please reference our Template Guidelines.

Plug-in Development Resources

Vivvo provides several useful tools for rapid-developing plug-ins and extensions on top of the Vivvo framework. Download them and run from your local server. You might also want to reference data sheets and white papers on developing Vivvo Modules on Vivvo Resource Center -

Plugin Generator Wizard - This wizard will create a wrapper for your Vivvo plugin, including install/uninstall procedures, administration panel, plugin definition and handler, leaving you only to focus on implementing the actual functionality.

Class Generator - This will create Vivvo class out of given MySQL table. The generated class will contain proper attributes and methods (including accessor functions) for combining with Plugin Generator Wizard to have your fully functional plugins and extensions.

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