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Custom Server Setup

Vivvo Enterprise Server Setup is a the best choice for mission-critical online businesses that demand web based content management solution capable for sustaing high-traffic portals. Ideally suited for any medium to large publishing houses and media companies that wants robust and scalable solution, this edition is carefully tailored for each single client and website.

It is a full server setup (single server, or across a cluster of servers), with Vivvo CMS in middle of it, backed with servers and applications that ensure enough "juice" for you website to sustain over 1 million page hits per day.

Our Business analyst will work closely with you on requirements and scenarios where your online business needs most power and we our senior engineers and system administrators will perform complete setup and installation.

What do we use for this setup?

Vivvo Enterprise setup is tailored based on individual needs and expectations. We work with following:

  • Varnish - HTTP cache/accelerator used to proxy Solr connections
  • Apache Web Server
  • Solr - HTTP search server - with ability to extend to multi-server cluster if needed
  • memcached - memory-based distributed caching system
  • MySQL data storage

How to Start? You may contact us to schedule a session with our qualified business analyst, or call directly on +381 11 3115020. We will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements.

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