Vivvo Class Generator Wizard


This tool is used to automatically generate (scaffold) a complete basic structure of Vivvo php classes that are used as ORM wrappers for database tables. Based on the structure of a given database and your settings, it will generate all php classes needed to work with selected tables from within Vivvo framework. Generated classes have properties defined for all DB table fields, as well as getters and setters methods. Basic search methods and filters are also generated automatically for you. This provides full CRUD functionality with your database within a seconds.


  1. Download and unzip the Vivvo Class Generator Wizard package, if you haven't already.
  2. On your hosting server create a new sub-folder that will be used to hold this tool. For example, let’s say you’ve named it “vcg”.
  3. Using your favorite FTP program upload all files and folders extracted from Vivvo Class Generator package to folder created in the previous step. After these steps the uploaded folders structure on your server should look like this:vcgw_image001.jpg
  4. Locate folder named “class” and set it’s access permissions to 777.


To start using the tool, point your browser to folder where you’ve uploaded files. In our example folder was named “vcg”, so you would go to URL:

You will be presented with the following form, where you need to enter the parameters that will be used to connect to your database:

This form is identical to one used during Vivvo installation, so just enter the same parameters as you did for Vivvo installation that you plan to use with this tool.

Once you fill all the required data, click on Continue, and if script manages to connect to the database successfully you will be prompted with the list of all tables found in the given database:

Select the tables that you want to generate classes for, and click on Generate classes button. You will be prompted to download generated classes to your computer.

What next

Generated classes provide only a basic structure for Vivvo ORM classes. While you can start using them as they are, you will probably want to review the generated code and expand it with additional methods tailored to suit your particular needs the best possible way.

We hope this tool will save you a lot of time if you are a skilled Vivvo developer, but also give you a kick start in learning Vivvo framework if you are just making your first steps in the world of Vivvo.

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