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CMS for Arabic, Persian and Hebrew

Vivvo CMS, being a fully multi-lingual platform can efectively serve websites using languages that are written from right to left - such as Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, Tamil and many more. To make Vivvo as native as possible for RTL languages, the entire user interface has to be mirrored along the vertical axis.

This is how it looks like (click the image to launch full Arabic CMS demo) Arabic demo

What you get when you purchase Vivvo?

  • Translation (language pack) in the UI - i.e. Arabic or Persian
  • Mirrored layout, using only CSS
  • All text is running from right to left
  • Nothing else needed to run CMS in Arabic, Hebrew or Persian

Available resources

Vivvo offers number of free resources for Arabic end-users, integrators/designers and solution providers. You can use our range of available RTL layouts (homepage, article, category), languages and localizations (Persian, Arabic), How-to on creating language file, and how-to on using Vivvo's built-in multi-lingual site structure.

Arabic, Persian and Hebrew Frontend demo examples

  • Gozaar

  • Zamalek Fans

  • dTown

How to Order? You may go directly to our secure online order page, and purchase desired license immediately. If you require any other assistance during your evaluation, please don't hesitate to contact our Sales Account Manager. We will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements.

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