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Issue Type Bug   Project Vivvo CMS Bug Tracker
Submit story plugin -- hard coded admin directory name
Category PHP - Core
Affected Version 4.5 RC1
Priority 1 - Highest
Status Unconfirmed
Fixed Version (none)
Submitted 07-05-2011
Assigned Users (none) Tags (none)

issueid=190 07-05-2011 03:12 AM
sip sip is offline
Vivvo Veteran
Submit story plugin -- hard coded admin directory name


Following in submit_story_tinyMCE_config would break if Vivvo admin directory is renamed.

require_once (dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../../admin/admin_include.php');
Had posted this when the 4.5 compatible plugin was released but since there's no news on fix for this opening BUG here.


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