View Full Version : combining news ticker and search box in one Div?

02-29-2008, 06:32 PM
Dear all,

i'm preparing great vivvo powered site, and i'll ask a lot of questions, so please be patient.

how can i combine news ticker and search box in one Div?

pls expalin step by step, this is will let me do miracles with vivvo..


03-02-2008, 03:30 PM
Well, you don't actually have to combine them into one div to get them to line up. Of course, it would help to explain what you want your end product to be before we can help you.

The easiest way to reposition the ticker, or the search box, is to assign one or both relative positioning in the CSS file. It would look like this:

position: relative; (this will cause the browser to start looking for positioning relative from it's natural location)
top: -20px; (this would move the item 20px downward from it's natural top position)
right: 30px; (this would move the item 30px left from it's right position)

You can combine top, bottom, right, and left in positive and negative pixels to get it to move. Just be sure to test on all platforms and browsers to ensure it worked.

By using relative positioning you don't have to have items anywhere near each other in the code, but they can appear anywhere on the page.