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11-09-2007, 12:23 PM
Hello friends..

I love vivvo very much. Just for testing pupouse I went through many CMS systems like joomla, drupal, phpfox, articlelive & vivvo4.0 . Among all these Vivvo4.0 attracted me as its features are quite easy and close to me.

My problem is, I have a very good template design made in html, css, javascripts & lots of Div tags. I want that design as my website design and Vivvo as content management in it. Initially I made changes only in article.tpl of vivvo. I copied its original coding & then deleted .. And pasted my template design coding in it. Its 3 column website. In left column.. at appropraite place I placed

<vte:include file="{VIVVO_TEMPLATE_DIR}box/sections.tpl" />
<vte:include file="{VIVVO_TEMPLATE_DIR}box/plugin_newsletter.tpl" />
<vte:include file="{VIVVO_TEMPLATE_DIR}box/plugin_poll.tpl" />
I middle clumn I placed

<vte:include file="{VIVVO_TEMPLATE_DIR}box/article_breadcrumb.tpl" />
<vte:value select="{article.get_body}" />

& all related codes..

& in third colum i placed .. codes of most popular & tags ..

But when I run my article page.. its showing me sometimes completely blank.. sometimes only header is coming.

Can anybody please help me out how can I make my website as design my own but cms as Vivvo. How can I insert html tags.


11-09-2007, 02:05 PM
Hey there, thanks for joining our Vivvo community :)

We have a very good developer documentation (http://www.vivvo.net/doc/v4/developer_manual/) - pay a special attention to VTE (http://www.vivvo.net/doc/v4/developer_manual/vte.php) and template set schema (http://www.vivvo.net/doc/v4/developer_manual/templates_schema.php). I suggest you browse it and play around with your site. Of course, this documentation is aimed towards designers and developers with fair knowledge of xHTML and CSS.

Feel free to ask whenever you stumble upon some particular problem :)

11-09-2007, 04:18 PM
Thanks for prompt reply. I will go through complete developer tutorial. :)