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11-07-2007, 03:39 AM
we want build our site with ur cms...but we have a very important question!
we want to knowing :
in ur cms we see latest news from any category(that have been categorized) coming bottom of site. so we want know can we controll number of any category that come in this case? for example may be come only 5 article from each catgory to this case of home page bottom (that come latest articles from each category on it)can u understand our mean?
and another question:
is this advantage has enable/desable condition?
pls answer our question as soon as possible.
time is so important 4 us
thx in advance 4 ur responsibililty

11-07-2007, 11:33 AM
Yes, you can have full control over every aspect of that. The easiest way (and somewhat restricting) is to control this within Administration -> Preferences, but if you decide to take the full control over your system, you can go inside the templates and do whatever you want.

For example, default output for latest news looks something like:

<vte:box module="box_article_list">
<vte:param name="cache" value="1" />
<vte:param name="search_sort_by" value="{VIVVO_HOMEPAGE_ARTICLE_LIST_ORDER}" />
<vte:param name="search_order" value="descending" />
<vte:param name="search_cid" value="{VIVVO_HOMEPAGE_ARTICLE_LIST_CATEGORIES}" />
<vte:param name="search_limit" value="3" />
<vte:param name="add_to_printed" value="true" />
<vte:param name="exclude_printed" value="true" />
You can modify every bit of it, just refer to Box article list (http://www.vivvo.net/doc/v4/developer_manual/box_article_list.php) in Developer documentation.

In addition, you can use Article Generator Wizard, and create custom output(s).