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11-02-2007, 11:53 PM
Hello ,
I am watching vivvo for quite some time but still didnt bought it yet because of seo optimization.I know many persons that are not buying it because of the issue below.

As i see most CMS scripts forgot about this.
Here is a suggestion :
Go HERE (http://www.ndesign-studio.com) (i am not affiliate with this website is just to tell my point) and click for Example : How to Create an Advanced CSS Menu

You will see that the link looks like this : http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/blog/tricks-tips/how-to-create-an-advanced-css-menu/

Most of the search engines loves them and get your website high ranked if let say ends with : how_to_create_an_advanced_css_menu.html .

Can this be done to vivvo ? (because for example your script is ending like this : ARTICLE/1078/2006-07-18.html ) which is NOT seo friendly at all .

Thank you ,