View Full Version : Remove login box from front page

10-13-2007, 03:15 PM
By removing this box, will it affect the site in anyway?

Also I edited the layout_default.css

changed deafault layout
#layout_default div#dynamic_box_right {width: 260px;}
#layout_default div#dynamic_box_left {width: 140px;}


#layout_default div#dynamic_box_right {width: 300px;}
#layout_default div#dynamic_box_left {width: 120px;}

This is fine in firefox but on IE the right side drops to the bottom? Any advice?

10-15-2007, 09:06 AM
It shouldn't affect the site in any way if you remove login box template.

As for your other problem, I've just tried this, and have no problems with IE.

You should check for your left column content, see if there is something there that can cause layout to brake (some banner, image, some form element that exceed the column width of 120px).