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Multimedia linking with Apture

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Apture (www.apture.com) provides the first rich communication platform allowing publishers and bloggers to easily turn flat pages of text into multimedia experiences. Integrate text, images, video, maps, music & more from 20+ sources.

This simple tutorial explains how to easy and seamlessly integrate Apture's rich communication platform.You only need one line of code to bring the Apture experience to your website.

First of all, make sure to register your website on Apture.com (https://www.apture.com/user/register/) and obtain a token you will embed to your site in next step.

Open /templates/xhtml/box/footer.tpl and on line 60 just before

div class="bottom_corners"><!--  --></div>

place this JavaScript code snippet:

<script id="aptureScript" type="text/javascript" src="http://www.apture.com/js/apture.js?siteToken=123456" charset="utf-8"> </script>

Make sure to provide the right token here, one you received on the Apture website during registration.

This is all. Now you'll be able to offer mulitmedia semantic search to your website visitors!

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