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Custom static page

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This simple how-to will help you to create a custom static page with any type of content. It differs from the static Vivvo pages (Administration - Pages) because it includes all the elements integrated in the system and it processes VTE content.

In the .php file you define desired frame where your content will show (line 37):

$template->set_template_file(VIVVO_FS_ROOT . VIVVO_TEMPLATE_DIR . 'frame/default.tpl');

Also in the .php file you define a path to the template with your static content in it (line 51):

$content_template->set_template_file(VIVVO_FS_TEMPLATE_ROOT . VIVVO_TEMPLATE_DIR . 'box/test.tpl');

In case your .php file is not located in ViVVO_ROOT yet in some subdirectory, you will have to change the line 20:

require_once ('../conf.php');

Note: The .tpl file where the content goes must starts with <vte:template> and ends with </vte:template>

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